Monday, 6 August 2012

Top Tips on Delivering Mobile Web for Enterprise

Over the past 5 years bemoko has gone from strength to strength in the design, development and hosting of mobile web sites, continuously pushing the level quality from both a user experience side and an operational one. Over the next few months we will share some of our core best practices and hands on advice that provide the foundation for our delivery. This will cover aspects including:

  • how to mobilise your PC site, even if you don’t have a content API
  • making payments on mobile
  • putting the right content in front of the user at the right time – don’t think of smaller screens as constraining the user experience
  • delivering to other devices other than just mobile
  • testing across the myriad of devices
  • improving quality and success by observing your system and know what is and isn’t working
  • performance testing and tuning – every fraction of a second counts if you want improve user satisfaction
  • penetration testing and security

In the early days we started with the creation of whole host of simple sites, such as marketing micro sites, customer acquisition, conference programmes and on-line games. These provided a rock bed for our philosophy in how we design an optimised experience for the small screen as well as the 24×7 operational management of these sites. Over the past couple of years we have embraced several high profile transactional sites – ones where a slight tweak here or there can provide substantial returns. Simple steps such as configuring the system to alert administrators of change in metrics can help spot risks and preempt problems, can make the world of difference.