Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Effective email campaigns for mobile with bemokoLive v1.2.5

I’m really pleased to announce that v1.2.5 of bemokoLive is now released. This version takes a step forward in the management of mobile campaigns with the provision of sub-sites and content rules. We’ve also put together a great getting started tutorial you can download from our wiki.

Do you regularly send email newsletters to your customers? You might do this once a week, once a month or you might even manage email campaigns for many people. Now these campaigns most of the time may follow the the same format – perhaps it’s announcing latest books available or sharing information on your latest promotions – but you may also find that often you want to add something special to each newsletter, breaking out of the mold of the same old template. You might also be finding that perhaps 20% of people who receive your emails are accessing from a mobile phone.

bemokoLive, as always, makes it easy to take your message to mobile phone and engage with this growing number of people accessing from their phone, but with the release of v1.2.5 we’ve made it even easier to take 100% control of your email campaigns. With bemokoLive you can create a single site which defines your look and feel, as well as common functions such as getting content from your CMS. This site allows you to rapidly put together each months newsletter. sub-sites in v1.2.5 take this to next level by allowing you to customise each newsletter – by making as few or as many changes you need. Perhaps you simply want to include a different seasonal logo or even deliver the message with a whole new look & feel.

Context Rules is a great new feature that helps users of your site as well as site developers. Site users can now readily access either the PC version of the site or an optimised mobile version as they desire so that they can get the experience they want. Site developers can also use context rules to quickly test what the site looks like on different devices.

There’s the usual handful of other useful updates with this release – see the release notes for more details. And if you’re new to bemoko, please get in touch and we’ll help take you web sites to mobile (and other digital channels).