Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mobilising a web site - screen scraping and semantic HTML

A lot of people come to us and say that they already have a web site and want a mobile version. Their web site is driven by a back office – perhaps a database, CMS and any other data or business logic. They’ve already invested in creating a web experience and they want to see a mobile version – and they don’t want to see a large up front integration effort.

We at bemoko believe that you need to design for mobile – but that does not necessarily mean a lot of effort. It means being aware of the functions that a mobile user benefits from, creating a UI that looks good on their choice of phone and a general rounded well delivered end-to-end user experience.

Both these desires – the desire for an efficient delivery, driven from their existing web site investment and the desire to create a focused, relevant and elegant mobile UX – can be met using the bemoko approach.

Take a read of a recent article on our bemoko wiki – Semantically Tuning a Web Site – to give you an idea of how we can use your existing web site today to deliver a “designed for mobile” user experience, without having to follow the generic transcoding approach or blindly squeezing your PC web site onto a mobile. Since this mobile site is driven by your web site, if you make updates to you web site the mobile web site will follow. We’ll shortly be releasing an article on how you can deploy bemokoLive to support this PC website transformation approach as well as a few case studies of some people who were pretty happy with what they saw. Give us a call if you want to know more and we’ll get a live demonstration up for you.