Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Good UX Bad UX - twitter tagging and crowd behaviour

19 days a go I tagged a twitter message with #badux to indicate a bad user experience between google reader and link through sites. A few days later I thought about this tagging again and decided to see if other people have used that tag – I searched on http://search.twitter.com. To my pleasant surprise two other people had decided to tag tweets in the same way before I had – so I though neat, this twitter tagging has immediately connected me to other people who are interested in the recording of bad (and good) user experience.

I started to do this #badux tagging purely from a personal point of view – it allowed me to record bad user experiences whilst on the move (I do most of my twittering from a mobile). I thought that over a period of months I could see patterns in my reports and then see how I could go about fixing them. I’m really pleased to see how an organic tag naming that popped out of my head on the bus one day, popped into other peoples heads around the same time, even to the point now where Web Biz Strategy have blogged about the initiative – Let’s kick-start the user experience movement on Twitter with #goodux and #badux.

Now if we keep up the moment, soon “real” users will start doing this. It’s a lot less painful than trying to contact a call center or send an email letter in to the ether, it’s so easy to record (since it fits in with twitter habit) and it’s all open for the world to see. Soon service providers who are ready will start listening to this valuable stream of feedback. Another fine example of how twitter can change societies interactions.