Friday, 6 March 2009

Mobile web death pantomime - oh no it's not

Comment made n response to the utter death of the “mobile web”

An interesting point of view and, there are clear current benefits for local apps at the current time, that does not mean the mobile web is over. I’m looking forward to evolutions in the mobile browser – especially with the innovations coming in from the likes Fennec, Opera and Chrome – where deeper device functionality will be made available via the browser. Just think how tools likes Google Gears and AJAX toolkits are changing the way we can build sophisticated web applications on the PC. On the PC, for the majority of my applications, I much prefer a decent web application delivered through a standard browser than having to download an application. I see no reason why the mobile browser cannot achieve the same thing, allowing people to deliver cross-device applications in standard way that one (1) we know and love (2) has already demonstrated it’s value on the large screen. Neither mobile native apps nor mobile web app will conquer all and both will most definitely survive with both providing incredible value in the ultimate goal of delivering great mobile user experiences.