Friday, 27 February 2009

Wiki patterns and how wikipedia works

Comment in response to How the Wikipedia reputation engine works and why Wikipedia should not allow anonymous edits

Great write up – I’ve always been fascinated by the way the Wikipedia content has evolved and especially around the different roles of the people making the content happen – right from the person watching the Oscars as it happens and editing the page with in seconds, all the way to the wiki gnomes keeping the garden clean. The wiki patterns @ was enlightening for me on describing the different types of editors and administrators. Wikipedia is most of the time “correct”, but if it were to be a trusted source then there has to be some accountability for the content and that does mean edging away from anonymity and away from the very thing that has allowed it to grow so rapidly. For me, it’s quite a positive sign on the web community that there is a so much stronger force trying to make it “right” as opposed to the minority who mislead or vandalise. I often wonder whether Wikipedia should try to be like a trusted encyclopedia / journal – or whether it is simply a different beast with agile-mostly-correct content. Then I start philosophising on who do I really trust and have to remind myself to always take what I read and hear with a pinch of salt, even from the most trusted of sources.