Born a coder, I wrote my first text adventure on an Atari 400 in 1982 when I was 10. I got truly hooked on an Atari ST in 1985 and was hacking machine code shortly after.

This raw enthusiasm for programming has led me through over 20 years of professional software development roles; mostly Java, web and mobile. In my time I’ve worked as a solution architect around the globe and I’ve lead small scrum teams. I’ve also co-founded a company delivering mobile solutions, taking the company to a successful acquisition and beyond. I’m most happy working in small teams making effective change, and even happier when I’m in the zen of coding and music. See linkedin for my full career details.

I currently run an after school code club at a local primary school.

I’m also a music geek, enjoy cycling and I am sometimes found practicing yoga and karate.

This site has been created with thanks to GitHub pages, Jekyll, Markdown and sass.